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If you’re about to undertake overseeing a construction project, you may want to consider hiring an owner’s representative. Maybe your work doesn’t allow you to be available to supervise all the details. Or maybe you don’t have experience undertaking a major construction project and want someone there with the knowledge and expertise to guide your decisions in the right way. That’s where we step in. By hiring our Barrington, Illinois construction firm as an owner’s representative, you make sure your best interests stay at the center of the project underway.

From pre-construction through post-construction, your owner’s representative will help make the decisions when you may not know which direction to head and will be able to check in on the progress to see where it really stands.

During pre-construction, the owner’s representative will act as a liaison between the project participants and the owner or the owner’s management staff or team. Your owner’s representative will advise and assist the owner in compiling the project team and will help to select and hire the team.

Furthermore, your representative will advise and assist you in creating a realistic project schedule and budget, addressing all the project needs and staying within what works for your company. He or she will attend and participate in municipal planning, design and review meetings and will monitor all the design and development processes. Your representative may execute documents and contracts on your behalf, if you desire.

Having someone on your side who specializes in construction project management can be a big help. As construction begins, he or she will make sure there is compliance with the contract and construction documents. Additionally, he or she will work to recognize, resolve and respond to issues and problems to avoid conflicts and delays. The representative will make sure all contract documents are executed properly and will manage the costs and payment requests from project-involved parties.

After construction, the representative will assist the owner in occupying the property/project and will monitor the finished project for any issues, defects or deficiencies. If such issues are found, the information will be relayed to the contractor or any responsible party to quickly resolve.

If you need someone for construction project management, look no further than our Barrington team. Our trustworthy team is professional, competent, and reliable. We will represent you and help you every step of the process, so you get the result you are hoping for. Our services extend throughout the Northwest Suburbs.