There are many advantages of utilizing a design build delivery method. First of all, by utilizing a design build team, the entire project is streamlined, potentially saving you both time and money. This process helps eliminate the inefficient back and forth communication that often occurs. A design build team keeps the whole process under one contract, which makes it easier to keep a close eye on the overall project budget.

Since design and construction are both aware of your needs from the beginning, we don’t waste time heading down the wrong path. The entire team knows your goals and is working towards them from the beginning. With one team responsible for the overall project, it may be easier to establish project costs sooner, condense schedules, and develop innovative solutions to the problems that will arise.

The team approach provides more control over the final project and more expertise in the various fields available to you. With both the designers and builders working together, there are fewer changes needed to be made and better quality in the overall finished product.

This unified approach to the project begins with the conception of the project and continues through the completion, not leaving any loose ends.

Design build is an alternative to the more traditional design, bid, and build, whereas each element may have a different contract and different terms as well as different work and goals.

If you are considering design build for your next project, look no further than the experienced, capable design build teams at Refined Construction. Give us a chance to make your project dreams come true.