Refined Construction is a firm that loves people, and changing their lives positively through our work. People who want to enjoy their work and those they work with, love to be associated with Refined. We develop significant and positive relationships with those we work for, and those who work with us. Above all, we care about people. Life is a blessing when we want the best for all those we encounter.


Because of that, our core value is to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. Without that respect for others, we will be less effective successfully completing projects. We require that everyone who works on our team aspire to our core value and strive to meet these additional seven distinct attributes.

First of all, we expect our employees have a great awareness for our clients and everyone they work with. They must strive to have an appreciation and understanding of relational situations and react appropriately. We know in any project there may be hiccups. When we work together to solve any issues that may arise, we are better able to complete your project.

Secondly, we encourage our team to empower others to help them grow and achieve their goals, and we expect that the work is done with a positive attitude. When we maintain a hopeful and constructive mindset and we are able to employ teamwork, and we are able to achieve more together.

Thirdly, it is imperative our teams act with honesty, integrity and transparency. We expect all employees to tell the truth and be frank when dealing with situations that arise. It is crucial our teams follow through and adhere to ethical principles at all times, and be transparent with our clients. We strive to be upfront and forthright in all interactions without any hidden agendas.

When we partner with someone to help them complete their project, we bring our core value and these seven attribute with us as we undergo the work. We want you to know you have made the right choice, and we will work with you to complete the project in a first class manner.